Peter File System


Specification :

Source code :
      PFSBuilder20080811.zip , notes: to compile PFSBuilder successfully, you need "Petersoft Java Style" (demo applet), which is ia UI framework based on swing, you can download its source code here : PetersoftJavaStyle20080811.zip , or use this jar to compile with PFSBuilder directly: PetersoftJavaStyle.jar

View the PFS C API online :

Executable jar :
      PFSBuilder.jar (make sure you jave jre 1.5.0 or higher)

Applet :
      PFSBuilder Applet

Command line parameter:
      you can add some command line parameters when execute PFSBuilder, if want to generate a PFS image based on current directory struct and a project file (which record all the file permissions, owner), you can execute PFSBuilder like this:

java -jar PFSBuilder.jar -projectFile=project.ini -directory=root -output=harddisk -partitionName="peter file system 90MB" -partitionSize=94371840 -partitionOffset=10485760 -blocksize=4096

The above will generate a output image, called "harddisk" using the directory "root" with the project file "project.ini".
The project.ini is used to store the permission of each file and directory, those permissions will be used as the permissions in peter file system.

If you want to run PFSBuilder with a graphical interface, please add "-gui" parameter.


PFSBuilder use a superset swing component which call "Petersoft Java Style", you have to compile this jar with PFSBuilder.
!!!If you want to learn how to use PFS Builder tutor , please press here. !!!
Here are the steps to compile PFSBuilder with "Petersoft Java Style 2004" in Jbuilder 2005
!!! if you still done understand how to setup "Petersoft Java Style 2004" , please watch this video """
!!! if you still done understand how to compile and run PFSBuilder, please watch this video """

Step 1:
Open PetersoftJavaStyle2004.jpx using JBuilder 2005

Step 2:
Compile it, after successful, it will produce a jar file called "PetersoftJavaStyle2004.jar" in the project directory.

Step 3:
Open PFSBuilder.jpx using JBuilder 2005

Step 4:
We have to put "Petersoft Java Style 2004"'s jar file in the compile path. So press the menu : Project -> Project Properties


Step 5:

Press the "Add" button on the right hand side


Step 7:

Press the "New" button on the right hand side

Step 8:

Enter the name of the jar and add the jar to the "Library paths"


Step 9:

It is because PFSBuilder need a time picker control, so we have to add the time picker control jar to the compile path too.
So Press the "New" button from the "Add to Project ClassPath" dialog again. And add the javadatepicker.jar.
javadatepicker.jar is located in the PFSBuilder source directory. If you miss it, you can download it here.


Step 10:

If you have successful added those two jars, you will see them in your "Project Properties" window.


Step 11:

Finished, now you can compile and PFSBuilder. Thanks for trying. After you run it, you will see this screen.