PFS Builder Tutorial

PFSBuilder can build a PFS image and also can open a PFS image to edit.

Tutor 1 (build a simple PFS image)

Step 1:

Start the PFSBuilder, after started, you will see the following screen.

Step 2:

To create a empty image, please press "New" button on the upper-left corner. Then you will see the "New Dialog" window.

There are serveral things you have to fill in before press the ok button. The first one is the partition name, which is a 500 single byte long string, it will be recorded in the Super Block.

Second is the size of the PFS image, you can fill it in size of byte or in CHS value.

If you want to PFS image start at the beginning of the image file, you fill 0 into the offset field. The final PFS image file size is the offset value plus PFS size value. That mean if your size value is 10MB and the offset is 10MB, your image file will become 20MB.

The "File" field is the output file path.

The "Project file" field is the temporary project file which used to remember the file permission, file owner, file group and etc of each file and directory.

Step 3:

After pressed the "New" button, you will see the table on the upper and the tree on the lower-left are enabled.

The tree is showing you show the file and directory are linked in windows-explorer style.

The table is representing the byte/block within the image file. Before you press the save button to construct the image file, it is empty, that's why you can't see anything in the table yet.

Let's press the save button now

Step 4:

After you pressed the "Save" button, PFSBuilder will convert all the file and directory into the PFS image, and the table is showing the bytes of the PFS image.

Step 5:

Showing the bytes of the image file is meaningless sometime, people always want to see how the blocks are allocated in the image. Let's press the "Byte/Block" button in the main toolbar, it will shift to the "block view".

Now PFSBuilder is showing each block inside the image and with different icon. The "red box" one is the super block, the yellow box one is the FAB block and the blue box one is the directory block.

If you want to see the bytes of the block and what are the values of the block's fields, just double click on it. Let's double click the SB block.

Step 6:

After clicking the SB box, the following window will come up and tell you the bytes and the field value of the super block.

Step 7:

If you want to add file or directory to the PFS image, it is very easy, please right click and node of the tree like the following picture.

It comes up with several menus, if you want to create a new file, please press "Add File".

If you want to generate number of files with same or different size, please press "Auto Generate"

Step 8:

After you pressed "Add File", the following screen appear. You can type in any content you want or change the file permission.

Remember to press save button, otherwise the PFS image file will not update.